BuzzyWaxx provides top grade oil mixtures with just the right amount of beeswax to give your cast iron, carbon steel and wood products what it needs to perform at the highest level.

BuzzyWaxx Original Pack

BuzzyWaxx Original Pack

Regular price $21.99

BuzzyWaxx Green Pack

BuzzyWaxx Green Pack

Regular price $29.99

BuzzyWaxx Combo Pack

BuzzyWaxx Combo Pack

Regular price $23.99

BuzzyWaxx Ultimate Care Kit

BuzzyWaxx Ultimate Care Kit

Regular price $39.99

BuzzyWaxx Original 1 Can

BuzzyWaxx Original 1 Can

Regular price $6.99

BuzzyWaxx Green 1 Can

BuzzyWaxx Green 1 Can

Regular price $11.99

BuzzyWaxx Erie Blend

BuzzyWaxx Erie Blend

Regular price $9.99

BuzzyWaxx Original Mega Can

BuzzyWaxx Original Mega Can

Sale price $15.99 Regular price $21.99

BuzzyWaxx Original 4 Discs

BuzzyWaxx Original 4 Discs

Regular price $17.99

BuzzyWaxx In Action


What’s the difference in each of our BuzzyWaxx blends?

Original (Orange) Blend was our flagship product. It is a blend of grapeseed oil and canola oil. It has a nice dark tone and works great! The Canola oil we use in this blend is a GMO product.

Green Blend was made for customers asking for organic, non-GMO oils. It often holds a slight darker tone and contains extra virgin olive oil and sunflower oil.

Our Erie Blend is also made with organic, non-GMO oils and was meant to be seasonal for last October and for my love of ERIE cast iron. It has a deep flat dark tone. It contains avocado oil mixed with sunflower oil. Due to demand we brought it back as a normal blend.

All three blends are made with local unaltered NC local beeswax. The beeswax has no color chemicals added and will be different colors throughout the year depending on where the bees go.

How does BuzzyWaxx compare to current similar products?

People who have used other current similar products have found out quick that BuzzyWaxx simply works better. Our seasoning holds longer, looks better and uses better oils. We don't go cheap with our product but we do keep our cost less to you! You get twice as much with us than competitors. 

How does BuzzyWaxx compare to using regular oil for seasoning cast iron?

BuzzyWaxx combines the perfect amount of Grapeseed and Canola oil right before adding in our local Beeswax. The combination of two high smoke point oils and the sealing agent of Beeswax out lasts and out preforms other seasoning oils.

Is it easy to use and will it last for several seasonings?

Yes! and Yes!  BuzzyWaxx applies easier than regular oil, melting right onto the cast iron, then just simply wipe off the excess before placing it in the oven for seasoning. One disc of BuzzyWaxx will season multiple pieces several times over due to it not needing much application.

Why Grapeseed and Canola Oil?

Grapeseed is known for it's beautiful color content on cast iron, Canola gives one of the best slickness to cast iron of any oil. So combining the two with having the same smoke point, you get an amazing seasoning. 

So why do you add Beeswax?

The Beeswax helps to form a bond of the two oils and allows the discs to solidify for storage and use. It also makes for a smoother application on the cast iron and allows for easy touch ups after cooking.

Can I use it if my cast iron already has seasoning on it?

Yes! You can use BuzzyWaxx to add more layers of seasoning following our seasoning Instructions; and also after you cook and clean your cast iron by using it on a warm stove top to condition your seasoning.

What are these tiny dark particles in some of the BuzzyWaxx?

Sometimes during the filtering of Beeswax small particles from the rendering process are left behind. Typically this is not the case but you may see some. This will have no negative effect on your seasoning.

Why are some discs slightly different in color?

Every batch of pure local beeswax may slightly differ in color due to where the bees are getting their pollen. That will have no negative effect on your seasoning either as the question above.


For Seasoning and Conditioning

Many folks ask about seasoning their cast iron or carbon steel and up-keep of the seasoning. This product mixes two amazing oils with high smoke points and Beeswax to bond everything together. By doing so we make one amazing seasoning and maintenance method for your cast iron and carbon steel! Beeswax has been used on cast Iron for hundreds of years. Some folks use it alone, but by combining two high smoke point oils to the mixture at the right amount, your cast iron will be dark, stick free and great for cooking time and time again. It works from bare iron seasoning using three rounds at 480-500 degrees for one hour, to wiping it on a clean pan that's warming itself dry on your stove top to keep it maintained and ready for the use! BuzzyWaxx is made for Cast Iron people, by Cast Iron people. We know and understand how to make a better, well efficient seasoning product.

BuzzyWaxx can be used and applied for daily up-keep of your cookware or for seasoning from bare iron. You can apply this to add rounds of seasoning even if your cookware already has pre-seasoning on it. We work along side of Cast Iron Community and Dutch Oven Daddy! Check them out below!

"Made for Cast Iron People, by Cast Iron People" Proudly made in the U.S.A

We stand behind our product and offer a 100% money back guarantee! BuzzyWaxx is simply the best item on the market today for your cast iron! There are other brands of Beeswax seasonings out there, but none compare to what you get with BuzzyWaxx! Our ratio of highly prized Grapeseed oil is kept high to ensure that deep, dark seasoning everyone loves.  We offer our blend in metal cans or wrapped discs; and are coming up with new ideas daily! We have BuzzyWaxx packages available to give you more options for keeping BuzzyWaxx in your home, vacation home, camper or giving one to family and friends! Our goal is simple, we want to give more product value to our customers and our staff are always available for questions!