For Seasoning and conditioning your cast iron

BuzzyWaxx is a totally different item than our competitors! Try our product and you'll see what the Buzz is all about!

Let your Cast Iron feel the Buzz

For Seasoning and Conditioning

Many folks ask about seasoning their cast iron and up-keep of the seasoning. This product mixes two amazing oils with high smoke points and Beeswax to bond everything together. By doing so we make one amazing seasoning and maintenance method for your cast iron! Beeswax has been used on cast Iron for hundreds of years. Some folks use it alone, but by combining two high smoke point oils to the mixture at the right amount, your cast iron will be dark, stick free and great for cooking time and time again. It works from bare iron seasoning using three rounds at 480-500 degrees for one hour, to wiping it on a clean pan that's warming itself dry on your stove top to keep it maintained and ready for the use! BuzzyWaxx is made for Cast Iron people, by Cast Iron people. We know and understand how to make a better, well efficient seasoning product.

BuzzyWaxx can be used and applied for daily up-keep of your cookware or for seasoning from bare iron. You can apply this to add rounds of seasoning even if your cookware already has pre-seasoning on it. We work along side of Cast Iron Community and Dutch Oven Daddy! Check them out below!

"Made for Cast Iron People, by Cast Iron People" Proudly made in the U.S.A

We stand behind our product and offer a 100% money back guarantee! BuzzyWaxx is simply the best item on the market today for your cast iron! There are other brands of Beeswax seasonings out there, but none compare to what you get with BuzzyWaxx! Our ratio of highly prized Grapeseed oil is kept high to ensure that deep, dark seasoning everyone loves.  We offer our blend in metal cans or wrapped discs; and are coming up with new ideas daily! We supply four discs with every Disc order and three cans with every Can order; giving you more options for keeping BuzzyWaxx in your home, vacation home, camper or giving one to family and friends! Our goal is simple, we want to give more product value to our customers and our staff are always available for questions!

More about our blend!

BuzzyWaxx blends high end Grapeseed Oil with Canola Oil, then we add just the right amount of Beeswax! Both Grapeseed and Canola have a high smoke point for seasoning and will give you one amazing finish and solid cooking slickness. Our blend is like no other on the market today! Take the BuzzyWaxx challenge and see for yourself. We don't claim to be the first but we stand behind our product being the best in its category of seasoning products offered to cast iron users today.

Tips on using our blend!

BuzzyWaxx is intended for initial seasoning of Cast Iron and for quick touch-ups to maintain that beautiful look. Our goal is not only how your cast iron looks but also it’s cooking capabilities. Mixing two high smoke point oils with beeswax and you will have just that. You don’t have to strip your already seasoned cast iron either! With BuzzyWaxx, you can apply it to your seasoned cast iron for up-keep and for additional seasoning. We know you'll see a huge difference with our product in your kitchen!

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