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BuzzyWaxx Ultimate Care Kit

Regular price $39.99

This is the perfect essential care kit for your cast iron and carbon steel cookware. Protect your cast iron and carbon steel from rust while creating the perfect non stick surface.

The BuzzyWaxx Ultimate Care kit includes all of the products below in a self contained reusable box. 

BuzzyWaxx Care Kit Contents:

  • (1) BuzzyWaxx Original Blend Can (2 oz)
  • (1) BuzzyWaxx Erie Blend Can (2 oz)
  • (1) BuzzyWaxx Green Blend Can (2 oz)
  • (1) BuzzyWaxx Original Blend Disc (~3.5 oz)
  • (1) BuzzyWaxx Green Blend Disc (~3.5 oz)
  • (1) BuzzyWaxx Microfiber Rag
  • (1) Cast Iron and Carbon Steel Scrub Brush
  • (1) BuzzyWaxx Erie 4" Vinyl Decal
  • (1) BuzzyWaxx Original 4" Vinyl Decal
  • (1) BuzzyWaxx Green 4" Vinyl Decal

How-To Season with BuzzyWaxx: